“60-minute Nihongo Cafe” will be held on April 28!

Do you ever wish you had more chances to speak Japanese? Let’s talk in Japanese with Otonari-san in the OFP! We will be holding “60-minute Nihongo  Cafe” events.

The next “60-minute Nihongo Cafe” will be held on Friday the 28th of April from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

The topic will be: “Let’s talk about spring festivals!
There are many spring festivals in Japan.
Otonari-sans will introduce their own recommend spring festivals.
Also, tell us about spring festivals in your country!

*Attraction of Nihongo Cafe
1. Talk freely on new topics every time
2. Learn the way your Otonari-sans speak 
3. Correction of your speaking skills by native speakers
4. Clarify your learning points
5. Enjoy chatting 

Please feel free to join us! Your Otonari-sans will also be joining you, so let’s enjoy meeting new people.

■Date and time: 19:00 -20:00 hours on Friday, April 28,2023 
■Location: Online (Zoom)
■Minimum no.of participants: 3 
■Application deadline: Until noon(12:00 hrs)on the day before the event date
■Participation fee: 400 yen per session
■How to apply: 
Please sign up for this event using the google form below.

-We mainly use Japanese for this event, so you should be able to introduce yourself and/or discuss some topics in Japanese. (Reference: JLPT N4 level~)
-When applying, please complete the payment procedure. Once payment is confirmed, we will send you the URL for the date of participation. (Reservations for the date and time alone are not acceptable.)
-If you’re unable to make the payment for any reason, please contact us.
-Each events will be held exactly for 60 minutes, so please don’t be late.
– If the minimum no. of participants is not reached, the event will be canceled. In this case, we will inform you through mail by the day before the event and refund the participation fee.

We look forward to seeing you there!