Japan Intercultural Intelligence (JII) is an organization with the vision to realize “cultural synergy” through fostering diversity.

We believe that “cultural synergy” can be realized when:

  1. People have an appreciation for other cultures while maintaining appreciation for their own culture.
  2. People of different backgrounds in the same community live comfortably with one another as “good neighbors”.
  3. New social culture and values are created in society as a result of different cultures meeting one another.

What we do

JII aims to support foreign residents in Japan from the aspects of “daily life” and “work”.

Otonari-san Family Friend Program

Foreign resident will be matched up with Otonari-san (volunteer) who lives in the nearby neighborhood and will have day-to-day interactions.

Daily Life Consultation Service

If you have any troubles or concerns about daily life in Japan, JII is here to help find a solution together with you.Come consult with us.

MIKATA – Job Searching Support Service for Foreign Students

JII will support foreign students bring out their potentials to find their ideal job.

Services Provided to Businesses



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