Notification of Amendments to OFP Terms of Use (Membership Fees and More)

To all our Otonari-san Family Friend Program (OFP) members,

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and cooperation with OFP.

In light of the expansion of OFP’s activities, we have made the decision to introduce revisions to the OFP Terms of Use for Participants and membership fees. These changes are aimed at ensuring a more stable and sustained operation, as well as further enhancing our activities.

We would like to inform you that the following adjustments to OFP membership fees will be implemented on November 15, 2023.

For in-depth information concerning the rationale and specific motivations behind the membership fee adjustment, kindly refer to the [Background and Reasons for Membership Fee Revision] on our website.

[Amendments to the Terms]
・Introduction of Registration Fees
・Revision of Membership fees
・Introduction of a Fee Reduction or Exemption System

You can review the updated terms of use from the following link: OFP Terms

Please check the following table for a comparison of the old and new versions.


1: Registration Fee
During the registration process, a one-time fee of 1,000 yen per person is applicable. Registered members are entitled to the following privileges and actions:
・Receive a monthly newsletter.
・Participate in member-exclusive events.
・Participate in various recruitment activities.
2: Membership Fee
・Payment Timing: Membership fees are to be paid when a pair is established.
・Membership Fee Amount: 3,000 yen per person.
・Duration: 6 months during pair activities.
・Volunteer transportation cost reimbursement: Discontinued.
3: Fee Reduction or Exemption System
Registration and membership fees may be reduced or waived by JII at their discretion for participants who meet the criteria set by JII, based on their individual circumstances.

< Example of Fee Reduction or Exemption Cases>
– For individuals who have been displaced and their family members: Registration and participation fees are waived.
– In cases of significant financial hardship resulting from disability, illness, single-parent households, tax-exempt households, unstable employment,or similar circumstances: Registration will be waived, and the membership fee will be reduced by 50%.
– For students who are burdened with tuition fees, such as those on scholarships:
50% discount on both the registration and membership fees.
– In other cases where reasonable consideration is required.
Membership Fee:
Payment Timing: Membership fees are to be paid at the time when a pair is established.
Membership Fee Amount: 1,500 yen per person.
Duration: 1 year.
Transportation Cost Reimbursement: Volunteer transportation expenses can be claimed, with an annual limit of 1,500 yen.

Please make sure to carefully review the updates to the Terms. 

The new Terms will be effective from November 15, 2023. By continuing your OFP membership after this date, you will be considered to have consented to abide by the updated Terms of Use.

Please Note:
・Application of registration fee:The changes apply to new applications made after November 15.
・The new membership fees will apply to pairs formed after 00:00 hours November 15, 2023, and will not affect pairs currently engaged in activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office at In case,if you do not agree with the changes to the Terms of Use, we also accept withdrawal requests.

OFP is committed to conducting profoundly charitable nonprofit activities, All made achievable through the unwavering support and active involvement of our members. Your comprehension and collaboration are invaluable. We earnestly request your ongoing support for the continued growth of our activities in the days to come.

The OFP Management Team

October 21, 2023

Background and Reasons for the Membership Fee Revision

Thank you for your continued participation in OFP activities. We would like to provide an explanation on the background and rationale that have led to the revision of membership fees.

[Background of the Membership Fee Revision]

OFP Growth

The ” Otonari-san Family Friend Program (OFP),” launched in 2020,marked the pioneering initiative of its kind within Japanese society, commencing from the ground up. In its initial phases, the fee structure was established at a level comparable to the cost of a single movie ticket, aiming to minimize concerns associated with any potential setbacks due to the inherent uncertainties.The OFP administration and supporters have diligently enhanced the entire operational process, including explanations, interviews,pairing and follow-up with a commitment to ensuring the formation of the most suitable pairs. These improvements are designed to instill confidence in our members as we engage in the program.Furthermore, with a focus on robust information management security, we have introduced and continually improved the database system, implementing a series of enhancements to enhance its effectiveness.

Showcasing Accomplishments and Relevance

OFP has warmly embraced foreign residents hailing from more than 40 countries and regions, with an impressive history of engaging approximately 700 participants. Foreign participants have maintained a high satisfaction rate of 97%. Not only have the daily challenges of foreign participants been addressed, a significant number of pairs have sustained their connections, evolving into enduring friendships with Otonari-sans long beyond their participation in the OFP program.OFP has successfully facilitated the connection of numerous local residents with foreign individuals in Tokyo, cultivating trust and fostering friendships within the community. This exemplifies the essential and beneficial role that OFP plays.

Financial Challenges

Due to the growing number of participants, the membership fees, initially set at the time of its establishment (1,500 yen per person per year when pairs are formed), only accounted for approximately 4% of the total operating expenses.(※Financial year 2022) In the past year, OFP initiated a donation campaign for its supporting members and successfully received a more substantial amount of donations than originally anticipated, offering significant encouragement to the administration Nevertheless, sustaining the operational activities remains a considerable challenge. Historically, OFP has depended on private grants, which have been generously provided by organizations such as the Toyota Foundation, Chuo Rokin, Kirin, and Pal System Tokyo.These grants come with predefined expiration dates and typically assume the establishment of independent projects once the grant period concludes, leading to uncertainties regarding their continuous renewal or acceptance.


The recent surge in inflation has also affected operating costs, placing additional strain on the organization’s management.We need to reevaluate the financial obligations associated with the upkeep and enhancement of the essential resources and facilities required for our activities.

[Reasons for the Membership Fee Revision]

Sustainable Operation

Acknowledging that an unsustainable mechanism for OFP activities hinders the realization of the program’s ideals and societal impact, the Board of Directors has concluded that a reassessment of the activity balance and the adjustment of membership fees are necessary measures to fortify the organization’s foundation.

Complementing Activity Expenses

The membership fee revision aims to contribute to 15-20% of the total activity expenses. The remaining 85-80% will persistently be supplemented by grants, donations, income derived from new projects, and other sources.By diversifying income streams, we aim to ensure a more stable and sustainable operation.

Enhancing Support

In the future,there are plans to allocate resources towards enhancing the operational process and strengthening support systems to ensure higher quality and safety for a growing number of OFP participants.

New Activities

Since last year, we have launched support initiatives for refugees, there are forthcoming plans for both new initiatives and expansions of existing activities. While these endeavors incur additional costs, they are considered investments in advancing the development of OFP.

[Addressing Risks from the Membership Fee Revision]

Introduction of Fee Reduction or Exemption System:In order to minimize any obstacles to participation due to economic burdens, a fee reduction or exemption system will be established.

Thank you for reading this explanation. We have described the background and reasons for the membership fee revision. We sincerely hope for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office at

We appreciate your ongoing support for OFP.

The OFP Management Team

Reference: 2022 Activity Report and Financial Statements (P&L)