Consultation on Living in Japan

Let us support your life in Japan

As a foreign resident in Japan, language barrier isn’t the only challenge you face. It’s natural for you to feel worried or anxious about Japan’s unique lifestyle, customs, social / legal / education system, or communicating with people around you.

If you have any questions, problems, or anything you feel unsure what to do, don’t take it all on yourself. Consult with us.

We can support you find the best solution, together with our network of experts.

Doctor (including pediatrics, pediatric psychiatrist)
School Teacher
Psychological Counselor
Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant
Japanese Language Teacher
Tax Accountant
Career Coach
Business Consultant
Judicial Scrivener
Real Estate Agent

How the Consultation Works

■Fee: Free of Charge
■Available Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, Nepalese

※The content of your consultation will remain strictly confidential.
※If the matter of your consultation needs the attention of experts, we may introduce you directly to the appropriate expert or agency.
※If you require a translator or would like someone to accompany you, we may charge you a fee.