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Let’s live together with foreign residents
Aim at co-creation of energetic and affluent society from cultural coexistence

At the end of 2021, there were more than 2.46 million foreigners living in Japan of which, 530 thousand were residing in Tokyo.
According to JICA, this figure will increase by 2.7 times to 6.74 million by 2040.

However, foreign residents face “information disparity” and “isolation” accompanying difficulties and anxieties in daily life in Japan. We need to endeavor to do many things so that we can reform this into an attractive and easy-to -live symbiotic society.

To name a few ;
– Access difficulties in medical, educational and administrative/welfare services
– Difficulties and isolation regarding pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and education
– Limited chance for foreign residents to study and improve their Japanese
– Lack of information needed for daily life
– Scarce chance to connect with locals and Japanese community
– Prejudice and discrimination still existing in daily life
– Difficulties for foreign originated children for receiving higher education and adapting to society
– “Invisible wall” and isolation existing in schools and workplaces
– Pressure from anxieties for not abiding by many unknown Japanese social practices
– Frustration arising from not finding places within the Japanese society where you can be at your best

JII is acting for the purpose of having foreigners living in Japan to get easily acquainted with the Japanese society and lead a better daily life in Japan.


JII Partners (Monthly Donation)

As a JII Partner, you can make a regular monthly donation. Partners will enjoy the benefit of receiving our newsletter and activity reports, in addition to exclusive event invitations.

Payment Method
Credit card/Bank transfer

One-time donation

You can support JII’s activities by making donations on a case-by-case basis. Donors will receive our newsletter and activity reports.

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Credit card/Bank transfer


JII is actively supporting refugees. You can assist refugees’ daily life in Japan.

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Join us as supporting member. You will be invited to General Meetings (no voting right )
・Supporting member
(¥3,000/unit, multiple units accepted)

Payment Method
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Make a Gift by Bank Transfer (Furikomi)

Please donate an amount of your choice. You can make a transfer at the teller of a nearby bank, ATM or via the Internet. Once you make your donation, please let us know by sending an inquiry form from our website, so that we can express our appreciation. Please note that we are unable to issue you a receipt if we do not hear from you.

Account with Institution:SBI SUMISHIN NET BANK, LTD.TOKYO(住信SBIネット銀行)
Branch Code:106(法人第一支店)
Account type :Savings Account(普通)
Beneficiary Account Number:1418300
Beneficiary Name:
(In Kanji ) 特定非営利活動法人アジア人文文化交流促進協会
(In Katakana)トクヒ)アジアジンブンブンカコウリュウソクシンキョウカイ

For people who donated or joined as a member

You will receive our Activities Report

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You will receive our mail magazines

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You will be invited to our General Meetings

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Other Donation Methods

“Give One” donation site
(All donations through Give One to JII will be treated as tax incentive such as donation exemption)