Donation from Corporate Entities

JII is supporting foreigners residing in Japan to facilitate and have them more acquainted with daily life.
Our activity is aiming at realization of an attractive symbiotic society where diversity is respected and easy to live for everybody.


JII is actively supporting refugees. You can assist refugees’ daily life in Japan.

Payment Method
Credit card/Bank transfer


You can apply each time or on monthly basis.  Amount is up to you.
( from ¥1,000 )
・Donation on each time basis
・Donation on monthly basis

Payment Method
Credit card/Bank transfer

Make a Gift by Bank Transfer (Furikomi)

Please donate an amount of your choice. You can make a transfer at the teller of a nearby bank, ATM or via the Internet. Once you make your donation, please let us know by sending an inquiry form from our website, so that we can express our appreciation. Please note that we are unable to issue you a receipt if we do not hear from you.

Account with Institution:SBI SUMISHIN NET BANK, LTD.TOKYO(住信SBIネット銀行)
Branch Code:106(法人第一支店)
Account type :Savings Account(普通)
Beneficiary Account Number:1418300
Beneficiary Name:
(In Kanji ) 特定非営利活動法人アジア人文文化交流促進協会
(In Katakana)トクヒ)アジアジンブンブンカコウリュウソクシンキョウカイ

“Give One” donation site
All donations through ”Give One” to JII will be treated as tax incentive such as donation exemption

For Corporates Making Donations

You will receive our Activities report

(once a year)

Your company name and logo will be posted on JII website