[Lecture] On May 8th, I gave a lecture at the National University of Nursing on “Foreigners Living in Japan.”

Our board members, Yasuhide Nakamura and Miao Yang, spoke at the lecture for the course “International Nursing Theory” at the National University of Nursing, discussing the current situation of foreigners living in Japan, the history of their acceptance, and the challenges observed in support settings. From students who do not often interact with foreigners, we received comments such as, “I realized that Japanese people and foreign nationals are all human beings and should be equally respected,” and “It felt a little different to divide people based on nationality. When I traveled abroad and interacted with local people, I remembered feeling that the fundamental aspects of those living overseas are not so different from us. The discussion about not ignoring individuality by becoming familiar with it resonated with me. It was truly educational.” We received many such comments, which served as an opportunity for them to think about foreigners. Thank you very much.